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Come join us this summer at San Juan Bible Camp as we explore the life of this man Jesus, as we share about Him and seek to know Him better. We will discover together how in Him and through Him we can experience life at it fullest, and in doing so, we praise Him and bring glory to His name the way we were created to. Because when you know the beauty and love of Jesus, you know there's only One Way.

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Relationships are so important here at San Juan Bible Camp. We want every camper to connect with their counselor, make new friends and have a blast learning in chapel. We screen and train all of our staff so you can be confident that your camper has an outstanding time this summer. Campers and staff will do plenty of laughing with safe and adventurous activities. Make sure you find the One Way sign to San Juan Bible Camp!



Living life can sometimes be tough but Jesus wants us to live life abundantly. His desire for us is to have peace and to enjoy life. We can know how to truly live the life that Jesus wants for us. You'll see that life in our staff as they have been changed by Jesus because they know the One Way.

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